Elected positions and founded organizations 

From 1948-1949 Satara District was divided into North Satara and South Satara District. At that time Navale was elected as a School Board chairperson of South Satara District. He played an important role in forming a separate Sangli District, which was completed in 1950. He was elected as first chairperson of Sangli District school committee (now called as President of Zilla Parishad). Several lands & buildings problems of schools were solved in this period.

In 1955 he was elected President of Sangli District Congress. In his tenure, he requested land from His Highness Chintmanrao Patwardhan of Sangli for headquarters of Congress committee at Sangli and it was immediately allotted by Chintamanrao Patwardhan .

He was the founder of Shetkari Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana ltd.,Sangli (Now Vasantdada Shetkari Shakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. Sangli). On 31st May 1956 the first meeting of all promoters of the sugar factory was presided by Swami Ramanand Bharti and was attended by Vasantdada Patil, Dhulappa (Anna) Navale, Aabasaheb Shinde, Rambhau Arwade, Dattaji Surywanshi,and Shankarao Shinde, where G.D. Patil was elected as chief promoter of the sugar factory. In this first meeting Dhulappa Navale suggested the name "Shetkari" (Shetkari means Farmer) for the Sangli sugar factory, and everyone liked it and accepted. He made highest number of share holders of Shetkari Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd; Sangli. He was vice-chairman for several years of V.S.S.S.K.

He was MLC from 1963 to 1972 for Satara and Sangli District. He requested Mr. Balasaheb Desai, who was then PWD Minister, for a bridge between Ankalkhop and Bhilwadi. His request for the bridge was soon sanctioned.

 It was Dhulappa (Anna) who brought a rural (Gramin) telephone exchange to Ankalkhop for the first time ever. He and his friends gathered 100 connections from Ankalkhop within three days for this telephone exchange.

In 1972 he was elected as chairman of Warna valley.

He brought forward some young leaders like Baburao Birnale, Dadasaheb Patil, Dinkar (Bapu) Patil and Bajirao Patil from his village Ankalkhop. Under his guidance and leadership, Bhagatsingh High School was established in Ankalkhop, several irrigation schemes were implemented in Ankalkhop & near by villages through Shetkari Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana ltd;Sangli.

He was Chairman for eleven years of The Groundnut Co-operative society Ltd. Sangli & was a founder member. When he took the chairmanship of the Groundnut co-operative society, it was in huge losses. With the support of labors and managing staff, he brought The Groundnut co-operative society in profit. This was the golden era of the society in his chairmanship. He used to say that we are nothing but the trustee of this society and one can bring any co-operative industry into profit with crystal clear governance & without any self acceptations.

 He was member of Maharashtra State Agriculture department committee.

He was chairperson of Warna Valley co-operative society.

He brought about the historic (Preeti Sangam) re-union of both his friends, Yashwantrao  Chavan and Vasantdada Patil in his native village Ankalkhop on 24 May 1982.

He was elected Secretary of the Freedom Fighter Organisation of Maharashtra Government, which was equivalent post to the state Cabinet minister. He increased the pension for freedom fighters & gave several benefits from the state government & from Central Government to freedom fighters.
He was a founder and a prominent leader in several co-operative organizations and educational institutions in Sangli District. Throughout his entire life he followed the principles of Individual Sathyagrahi, as exemplified by Mahatma Gandhi.