Freedom Fighter Dhulappa Bhaurao Navale 

Freedom Fighter Dhulappa Bhaurao Navale (15 January 1910 - 30 September 1988) was born in a Chaturtha Digambar Jain family at Ankalkhop. Navale lost his father & his elder brother in his childhood. He completed his education till matriculation. After completing school he started social work in Ankalkhop and surrounding villages

Role in Freedom struggle

In 1930 he took part in the Civil Disobedience Movement led by Mahatma Gandhi. During this period he came in contact with Yeshwantrao Chavan, Swami Ramanand Bharti, V.S. Page & Gaurihar Sihasane. All of them became very close friends and their friendship lasted forever. ┬áMahatma Gandhi & his principles of Satyagraha had a great impact on him. In 1930 he broke the colonial laws. He broke the salt law & supported the foreign cloth boycott by burning foreign cloths and picketing liquor shops. In his village Ankalkhop, he and his friends refused to pay revenue and chaukidari taxes. From 1932-1933 he participated in movement against untouchability. In 1934 he was elected as president of Ankalkhop Vivid Karyakari sahakari Society. In the 1937 Local Board elections, he and his friends Gaurihar Sihasane and Sakharam Retharekar were congressional candidates. The three were elected from Satara district against the British backed Kooper party. He started the Congress party campaign from Ankalkhop-Audumber in 1937. Since then there has been a tradition of the Sangli district Congress party to start its election campaign from Audumber-Ankalkhop. In the 1937 local board election, Vasantdada B. Patil was one of the dedicated campaigners of Dhulappanna. Dhulappa (Anna) Navale strongly suggested & stood up for Vasantdada's name for Tasgaon Taluka congress secretary to the then President of Taluka Congress, Mr. R.P. Patil.

In 1940, on Mahatma Gandhaji's order, he gave his resignation of local board membership. He was the first individual Satyaghari ofMahatma Gandhi from Satara District in which Sangli District was also included. He made his satyagraha in Bhilawadi in 1940, but was arrested and sent to Yerawada jail along with friends V.S. Page, Swami Ramanand Bharti, Balasaheb Bharde, and Gaurihar Sihasane. He was released in the month of December 1940. He was again elected in the 1941 Local Board elections. He participated and led Ankalkhop, Audumber, and Bhilwadi in Tasgaon morcha (March on Tasgaon Tashil) on 3rd September 1942 and Islampur morcha on 8th September 1942 in Satyagraha. He also supported the prati or Patri sarkar movement led by Nana Patil & others, which resulted in his arrest in Bhilwadi. He was sent too Yerawada & Visapur jail for one and a half years.He was honored by "Tamrapat" for his role in freedom struggle.